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BEKO TECHNOLOGIES quality management

We meet the high quality requirements of the market by implementing a high quality standard which is effectuated by all of our employees, state-of-the-art components and intensive product monitoring. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES explicit aim is constant quality leadership.

Short paths, effective processes

To be able to continuously provide first-class quality services in all corporate sectors, we have overcome the conventional thinking in terms of departments, and have substituted it by systematic sequence orientation. The individual processes are meshed in such a way that they offer maximum benefit to our customers. The tight and process-oriented organisation and overall structure represent an essential constituent of our quality management. This also allows the implementation of individual solutions for our customers at the highest level. By means of regular audits, we continuously examine even established processes with an eye on optimisation possibilities.

Skilled employees

All employees have access to our quality management system via Intranet. The regular process sequences are thus made transparent to our staff.  In this manner, we want to make our employees more aware of our process objectives and the safety in the process run. The qualification of our personnel throughout the world forms the basis for continuous improvement of our products. For the systematic improvement of our quality, we employ state-of-the-art management tools. 

Suppliers and partnerships

We consider our suppliers to be important partners of our company. We promote their continuous development by on-site visits, and our regular supplier ratings serve to provide information on improvement potentials. In this way, we achieve higher profit for our customers, the reduction of costs, and we provide our partners with reliable basic conditions for their own planning. Development projects are also carried out together with our customers. Only when our products have proven in tough field tests that they meet our high quality requirements, are they released for series production.