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Constantly oil-free compressed air of a very high quality

BEKOKAT makes it possible to achieve constantly oil-free compressed air with a maximum residual oil content of a barely measurable 0.001 mg/m³. A quality that is required in particularly demanding production processes. Compressed air treatment with BEKOKAT is an effective measure for reliably avoiding mineral oil contaminations and the associated health risks. Contaminations of units and products through hydrocarbons, bacteria and germs can thus be prevented.

Clean, oil-free condensate

The incidental condensate from the cooling of the compressed air is also totally oil-free and can be channelled into the sewage system without treatment. A special granular material serves as the catalyst which is heated to an operating temperature of around 150°C. In the catalyst, the oil molecules are broken up until only the individual components remain. In the final phase of the catalysis, the oil molecules are oxidised to H2O and CO2. The extremely long life of the special granular material is highly economically beneficial. An exchange is only necessary after 20,000 operational hours.

There is also a maximum process reliability, since the service is provided completely independent of ambient temperature, inlet temperature, humidity and oil input concentration. Even in partial load operation down to 20%, the catalyst technology of the BEKOKAT reveals effectiveness without restrictions.

The BEKOKAT is also extremely flexible even in installation. It can be installed centrally in a compressed-air treatment unit and can process 100% of the produced oil-free compressed air, or it can be installed in subsections or even in the direct vicinity of the compressed air consumer, whereby only the oil-free compressed air flow is treated, which is also required to be oil-free.

Process reliability through measurable quality

Coupled with the METPOINT OCV Overview measuring system for recording hydrocarbon vapours, BEKOKAT becomes a double strategy for extremely high process reliability in the treatment of oil-free compressed air.

In a series of tests with the GfPS mbH (Society for Production Hygiene and Sterility Safeguarding), it was confirmed that contaminated compressed air is germ-free with BEKOKAT, you can find the certificate here.

The BEKOKAT® advantages at a glance:

  • Constantly oil-free compressed air, better than ISO 8573-1, class 1 oil content
  • Independent of the ambient temperature, air humidity and initial oil concentration
  • Environmentally friendly, no hazardous waste. Clean, oil-free condensate 
  • Partial load operation without restrictions. Long service lives
  • For absolute process reliability