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Minimum pressure valves: more safety during the start-up

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES minimum pressure valves prevent risks which are involved particularly during the start-up of a compressed-air plant. They are suitable for maximum volume flows between 78 and 1,620 m3/h and a maximum operating overpressure of 16 bar.

A plus for the quality and service lifetime

Compressed-air processing systems are always designed for specific flow rates and will only work optimally within the corresponding ranges. If a pressureless compressor is started up, there is a danger that compressed air will "overrun" the filter and the dryer at a rate which is too high. This can lead to serious problems.

Oil and water drops are not separated and reach the machines or tools. The corrosion risk in the network also increases. Moreover, pressure peaks impair the operational safety of the plant.

With minimum pressure valves, pressure conditions and air speeds remain within the calculated range. This guarantees constantly high compressed-air quality and the safe operation of the compressed-air plant.

Advantages at a glance

  • Constant compressed-air quality
  • More safety
  • Longer service life