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Pressure Sensor

The METPOINT® PRM pressure transducer detects the relative pressure (gauge pressure) in gaseous and liquid media and transforms this measured value into a linear output signal. Pressure transducers transform the physical pressure into a pressure-proportional electrical signal.

As regards the METPOINT® PRM, sensors of the thin-film technology are employed. The body and membrane of a metal thin-film sensor consist of a 1.4548 stainless-steel material. On the membrane side that faces away from the medium, insulation layers, strain gauges, compensating resistors, and conductors are applied with a combination of chemical and physical methods, and are photolithographically structured through etching. The layers of the resistors and electrical conductors applied on the sensor are considerably thinner than a micrometer and are, therefore, called thin-film resistors.

Due to the materials used, the metal thin-film sensor boasts very good resistance to many media, and it is insensitive to shocks and vibration impacts.

Universally applicable

Pressure sensors of the SP21 and SP22 series offer precise system monitoring. The measured values provide the basis for the maintenance and optimisation of production plants. In addition, the exact assignment of pressures opens up possibilities for factual, economic decisions. Versatile interfaces allow for smooth integration into existing process control systems.

Advantages at a glance

  • Universally applicable
  • Easy installation
  • Installation and removal under pressure
  • Insensitive to shocks and vibration impacts