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Safety for your breathing air

The METPOINT® MMA serves to continuously and reliably monitor the quality of breathing air. This compact measuring device was especially developed for use in hospitals.

With the evidence regarding the adherence to the legally stipulated limit values of components and contaminants being provided, pharmacists in clinics comply with the legally binding obligations of the European Pharmacopoeia. The entire cycle for medical compressed air is continuously measured.

Monitoring and recording limit values of the Pharmacopoeia

All the relevant parameters are directly and precisely indicated, and the results lastingly logged. If the limit values of the Pharmacopoeia are exceeded, the system will immediately release an alarm which will be retrieved in a targeted manner or directly processed in the quality assurance system.

The METPOINT® MMA simultaneously monitors seven defined parameters of the central compressed-air station.

  • Dioxygen O2 in %
  • Sulfur Dioxid SO2 in ppm
  • Carbon Dioxid CO2 in ppm
  • Carbon Monoxid in ppm
  • Nitrogen Oxides NOx in ppm
  • Water Vapor H2O in ppm
  • Pressure in bar

Separate sampling will no longer be required in connection with the METPOINT® OCV, the measured parameter of the residual oil content can additionally be displayed.