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How can you know the quality of each breath of air?

The METPOINT® MMA will tell you

The large colour display with touch screen functionality shows all the relevant measured values at a glance. When a limit value is exceeded, the value is displayed in red and the system triggers an alarm which can be retrieved in a targeted manner or directly processed in the quality assurance system. Via the event journal, all the system information and messages can be chronologically retrieved

Evaluating the measured data – signalling malfunctions on time

In addition to the measurement data acquisition, the statistical evaluation can be activated (costs, maximum etc.), and can be exported as an Excel file. 4 alarm relays and trouble indications with up to 32 freely configurable limit values ensure safety at the critical stations in the production process.

The data transfer is extremely flexible – on the PC via USB or Ethernet. Moreover, the device has an optional web server, as well as an SMS and e-mail function. Remote maintenance and consumption analysis are implemented via the integrated Ethernet interface and evaluation software.

The METPOINT MMA-advantages at a glance

  • Compact housing design
  • Simple configuration via operator software
  • Modular construction
  • Intuitive operation via touch screen
  • Easy installation
  • Auto-calibration in a 24-hour cycle
  • Simple integration into the pressure cycle
  • Graphic presentation of all process parameters