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Data logging for compressed-air and gas applications

METPOINT® BDL and METPOINT® BDL compact are innovative graphic display recorders for the recording of the parameters for compressed-air and gas applications. The electronic recording system measures the connected input signals and determines the information that is required for the respective application. These are displayed and stored on the device. The course of the process can be archived in the long term, and alarms can be transmitted to superordinate systems. The graphic display recorder thus allows for an assessment of the sequences during the process and fast intervention on location.

The sensors are easily configurable and connectable and are, depending on the sensor type, automatically identified by the system. On the colour display with a touch function, all the measured values, measured curves, and limit value exceedances are indicated. Curve traces can be moved and zoomed with a simple finger movement.

METPOINT BDL : the optimum solution, keeping all the critical processes in check

Up to 12 analogue and/or digital sensors
Up to 32 limit values and four alarm relays for trouble indications are freely configurable
7" colour display

In combination with the consumption rate analysis, daily, weekly, or monthly evaluations can be calculated with the costs and counter reading.

METPOINT BDL compact : the cost-effective solution

Up to four analogue and/or digital sensors
Up to four limit values and two alarm relays for trouble indications are freely configurable
3,5" colour display

In combination with the optional web server, the current measured values can be retrieved, independent of the location

METPOINT BDL portable: universal handheld measuring device

The METPOINT® BDL portable enables mobile data logging and allows users to evaluate the quality of compressed air right on site. Universal sensor inputs ensure easy and convenient connectivity with all conventional industrial transducers. In addition, the device is intuitive to operate using an easy-to-read 3.5" touchscreen.

It is possible to store up to 100 million measured values, along with the date and name of location, and to display that information in colour graphs. Users are able to conveniently transfer the measurements to a PC using a USB stick and continue analysing and interpreting the data with evaluation software.

Special software for the data analysis and administration


for the comprehensive graphic and tabular data evaluation and analysis at a location-bound PC workstation. The readout of the measured data from the data logger is effectuated via USB or Ethernet.


for the location-independent evaluation of any number of METPOINT® BDL data loggers. For this purpose, the measured data are stored on a server in pre-defined cycles, from where they are provided. In the event of limit value exceedances, an alarm is automatically sent via SMS or e-mail upon request. The evaluation of the measured data of all the METPOINT® data loggers that are integrated into the system can be implemented at every workplace worldwide.