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Measurement technology for the security and quality of compressed air

The key to the successful optimisation of compressed-air systems is data. The METPOINT® range of measurement equipment with sensor technology and monitoring provides the data base for the evaluation and assurance of the compressed-air quality and for the identification of hidden cost drivers. Our measurement equipment can also be employed for the extension of plants and for the early elimination of malfunctions.

Sensor technology

What about the residual oil content, residual humidity, volume flow and pressure in your production? Probably you know that these are the decisive parameters for the quality of compressed air used in your processes, and the efficiency of your production. But do you know what they actually ARE? With our sensor technology, you can capture all these data parameters – constantly, faultlessly and with exemplary precision.

Monitoring and Datalogging

You require constant high-quality compressed air for your processes? Then it is important to monitor all parameters constantly. Even the smallest deviations from the norm can have serious consequences for your plants and your production. Our Monitoring makes all the relevant data accessible to you and your employees at a glance, ensuring the safety of your processes and the quality of your products. In this way you can take your energy management and quality control requirements to the next level of success.