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Filter solutions for clean and hygienic compressed air

Sterilfilter Druckluft

One housing for two filters

  • Suitable for contact with food
  • Connected using a flange, threaded fitting and weld ends
  • Low differential pressures even with high flow rates
  • 12 different sizes
  • Plug-in connection to ensure a secure hold for the filter elements
  • Hygienic, high-quality stainless steel

Purification system according to food safety standards

Sterilfilter Druckluft

An increasing number of industrial applications require the use of sterile compressed air, even under extreme conditions. In addition to achieving maximum filtration efficiency with regard to bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, another key aspect of the process is ensuring high flow rates at low differential pressures. Filter separation performance has to be guaranteed, even at minimal loads. The CLEARPOINT sterile filters meet all of these requirements and are internationally approved to come into indirect contact with food according to FDA CFR Title 21 and EC/1935/2004.

Together with a hydrophobic depth filter, the high-quality stainless steel housing that has been optimised for flow ensures maximum process safety.

CLEARPOINT® steril filters advantages at a glance

  • The highest level of sterile hygiene
  • For indirect contact with food according to FDA CFR Title 21 and EC/1935/2004
  • Separation rate ≥ 99.99998% with regard to ≤ 0.2 μm
  • Integrity test according to HIMA
  • Suitable for sterilisation using same and counter-directional flow and VPHP
  • Up to 100 sterilisation cycles possible