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CLEARPOINT® 3eco: the new filtergeneration

CLEARPOINT 3eco Druckluftfilter

Improved Oil Separation Performance

The latest generation of the CLEARPOINT® 3eco compressed air filter series has enabled us to improve our solutions for compressed air filtration and be able to increase the deposition rate for oil aerosols by up to 10 fold. The differential pressure can be simultaneously reduced by up to 50 % and the energy efficiency can therefore be considerably optimised. For these reasons we are very pleased to add our ECO-Label on this product.

Energy efficient and safe compressed air filtration

Taking advantage of new material and production technologies as well as a flow-optimised, corrosion-protected housing design, - CLEARPOINT® 3eco provides safe and reliable filtration and a qualitative improved compressed air with considerably reduced operating costs.

Three filtration rates fulfil every requirement

The particularly high deposition performance makes it possible to fulfil every compressed air filtration requirement with just 3 filtration rates – C (Coarse), F (Fine) and S (Ultra-fine). The new 3eco-filter has of course also been validated by the independent IUTA Institute according to ISO 12500.

Considerable cost reductions

The new CLEARPOINT® 3eco filter lowers the operating costs considerably more when compared to the previous, CLEARPOINT® 3E filters. The annual energy savings are sometimes even higher than the purchasing price for the filter elements. They also increase the process safety and efficiency accordingly.

The graphic illustrates them on an example of the S040 filter with filter ration S with energy-optimised volume flow.

New material and production processes make it possible

CLEARPOINT Filterelement 3eco

The considerable performance increases with the CLEARPOINT® 3eco filters are made possible by utilising pioneering materials: An innovative, open synthetic support fleece (mesh) on the outside of the filter medium ensures the required rigidity for the various filter systems, without thereby reducing the filter surface area. The pioneering production processes by utilising Softpleat technology provide the optimum connection from many surfaces (important for particle deposition) and higher filter bed depths (ensures the deep filtration, especially for oil aerosols).