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Adsorption Dryers, heat regenerated: EVERDRY FRL, loop cooling

Design Characteristics

  • Designed for fully automatic and continuous operation
  • Desorption in counter flow direction to the adsorption process
  • Desorption with heated blower air (zero purge)
  • Cooling in co-current flow direction to the adsorption process with blower air in a closed loop
  • No compressed air loss for regeneration
  • Flow beneficial butterfly valves for low pressure drop
Design Data
Pressure Dewpoint:    -70°C
Volume Flow:   880 – 20000 m³/h
Operating Pressure:   4 - 10 bar ü
Inlet Temperature:   5 - 35 °C
Ambient Temperature:        5 - 40 °C max.
Max. suction conditions for blower:   35°C/85% resp. 40°C/70% r.H.

Sizing at operating conditions exceeding a.m. defined limitations on request