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The largest savings can be achieved by the energy that we do not consume

The new generation of refrigeration dryers unites economic ambitions with ecological responsibility. With the DRYPOINT RA eco product line, the definition of profitability was newly defined. Through the entirety of the technical properties, the pressure losses, compressed-air losses, and energy consumption could significantly be reduced.

At a varying compressed-air withdrawal, the energy consumption has now optimally been adjusted to the demand. In such a manner, up to 70% of the operating costs can be saved during partial load compared to conventional refrigeration dryers. DRYPOINT RA eco is based on a proven product and expands it by an intelligent energy concept.

DRYPOINT RA eco stands for optimised resource efficiency: its field of application lies where compressed-air systems and products need to be reliably protected against condensate and contamination. Drying takes place by cooling down the air. The condensate that accumulates during this process is efficiently discharged by means of the BEKOMAT, without compressed-air losses. Reheating reduces the relative humidity of the dried air to below 30%. The consumed amount of energy is adjusted to the required drying performance. This method saves energy costs and protects the environment.