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The cost-effective, environmentally friendly emulsion processing

One litre of oil contaminates 1,000,000 litres of ground water. Therefore, the legislator stipulates professional and responsible handling of emulsified condensates and oil-contaminated industrial wastewater which accumulate during many production processes. Processing according to purely physical gravitational separation is not sufficient. 

The BEKOSPLIT® splitting system has already proven itself internationally with regards to the reliable, economical and company-internal processing of stable emulsions. In addition, it offers system-related advantages as far as cost structures and efficiency are concerned:

  • No aggressive cleaner
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Low investment requirements
  • Longer maintenance intervals

Separating oil-water emulsions effectively

BEKOSPLIT splitting plants clean emulsified condensates which occur as a result of unfavourable initial conditions or of certain lubricant/compressor combinations. In addition to compressed-air condensate, other oil-containing industrial wastewaters can also be processed. Water-insoluble organic substances and a large variety of solid contaminations are removed from the water. Any heavy metals, dirt and paint particles contained in the water are reliably adsorbed.

BEKOSPLIT operates with low splitting agent consumption, longer filter service lives and electronic monitoring of the operating states.

The BEKOSPLIT® advantages at a glance:

  • Best-selling splitting plant for compressed-air condensates
  • Cost-effective with regard to purchase, operation and maintenance
  • Reliable and environmentally friendly processing
  • Safe and easy handling
  • Type approval for compressor condensates