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Innovative with Service Unit

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES transforms its international experience of more than 30 years into a new BEKOMAT generation. With innovations which offer unprecedented advantages to the users.

BEKOMAT 31U/32U/33U and 33UCO combine new solutions and significant advances in technology. Even more reliability, fast and smooth installation, maintenance with minimum time requirements BEKO TECHNOLOGIES achieves these targets through an innovative construction which consists of only two or three units with quick release connectors. This means the new BEKOMAT can be serviced in seconds, without decoupling from the pipework system.

The devices of this new generation are made up of only two modules: a service unit com- prising the corrosion-resistant aluminium housing together with all maintenance-relevant components, and an electronic control and sensor unit which is installed only once. Both modules are coupled via a practical snap connection.

This design makes it possible to replace all parts subject to wear or requiring maintenance in one go: the old service unit is simply and quickly removed and a new, works-tested unit is fitted instead. The separation and connection of the two modules requires no tools - it's all done in next to no time.

Sometimes, an idea changes everything.

Thirty years ago the first BEKOMAT® created a new market: automatic condensate drainage with no energy loss. Since then BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has continued to set the standards for effi cient and process-safe condensate drainage. The upgrade versions of 31 | 32 | 33 BEKOMAT®are the climax of a development that has continuously adapted a proven concept to match changing customer requirements with state-of- the-art technology. The latest generation connects proven safety with intelligent design and trend-setting ease-of-maintenance: the device monitors its own service requirements and indicates when maintenance is required. Performance thereby becomes still more efficient and cost-effective.

Advantages at a glance

  • Moisture protection rating increased to IP67
  • Flashing LED indicates service requirement
  • The universal power supply dramatically reduces stock requirements
  • Full compatibility: the new service unit retrofits to all previous versions