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BEKOMAT Special devices

Multistage compressors

If the condensate from the intercoolers is not reliably drained in multistage compressors, it will reach the next compressor stage. BEKOMAT LA/LP prevents damage through “drop attacks”, condensate build­up and water hammers.


Especially employable for condensate drainage in vacuum or pressureless systems at operating pressures from 0.1 to 1.8 bar (abs.).

Hazardous areas

Special units are also available for the application in hazardous areas (II 2G EX ib IIB T4 / explosion class II B, temperature class T4) where ignition sources need to be prevented. Permissible fluids are Ethane, methane, town gas (liquefied gas), compressor oils, diesel fuel, ethylene, propane, heating oils, group II fluids acc. PED.

Stainless-steel versions

For the drainage of particularly aggressive condensates.